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Bio: Nanci M. Pattenden is a professional genealogist, and an author of historical crime fiction. After digging into her own genealogy, Nanci uncovered a story about a young ancestor, sent to Canada from an English workhouse, who ended up on trial for murder. This sparked her interest in writing fiction, and launched the beginning of her first (still unpublished) novel.
Nanci has published two books, Body in the Harbour and Death on Duchess Street. She also has one story in the anthology, The Human Condition, and several non-fiction articles in The Attic (Aurora Historical Society), Ancestors (York Region Branch OGS), and Site Lines (National Historic Sites Alliance for Ontario). Her interest in genealogy, local history and love of Victorian murder mysteries have merged to create a new Canadian Victorian murder mystery writer. She is a member of Crime Writers of Canada, The Historical Novel Society, The Writers Community of York Region, and the Ontario Genealogical Society (OGS). She is in working towards the Creative Writing program at the University of Toronto, has already completed the Creative Writing program at the University of Calgary, and has completed two programs with The Institute of Genealogical Studies (Canadian and English studies).
Nanci currently resides in Newmarket, Ontario, and can be contacted through her website at

Craft: Writer

Genre: mystery

Body in the Harbour

Body in the HarbourIt started out as a normal day for two young boys playing on the wharf before the Christmas break ended. Normal until they found the bludgeoned body of a young man washed up on the shore of Toronto Harbour on January 7, 1874. The only identification on the corpse is a partial name inside his coat collar and a washed out train ticket in the pocket. Detective Albert Hodgins is called in to investigate and the trail leads to the small hamlet of Stouffville. In a time before forensics, Detective Hodgins has to use his cunning to determine which of his suspects did the young man in and why.

Death on Duchess Street

Death on Duchess StreetThe tranquility of a tight-knit neighbourhood in Victorian Toronto is shattered when a young girl becomes the next victim in a string of robberies, missing persons and murder. Why is her father acting so strangely? Could he somehow be involved? Are the two murders and the disappearance of a neighbour connected?
Detective Albert Hodgins travels east to Kingston and north to the tiny hamlet of Pine Grove looking for answers. The trail eventually leads to New York and a rather rough NY Captain whose methods are almost deadly. Hodgins frantically tries to piece everything together so the person responsible can pay for his, or her, crime.

Other Memberships:
Writers’ Community of York Region (secretary & special events)
Writers’ Community of Durham Region (Affiliate member)
Historical Novel Society
Crime Writers of Canada
Ontario Genealogical Society