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Bio: Based out of Oshawa, Ontario, Pat Flewwelling is a wearer of many hats. Along with short stories, Pat has several non-fiction, science fiction, and horror books in print, including Helix: Blight of Exiles and Helix: Plague of Ghouls, with Helix: Scourge of Bones forthcoming in fall 2017. She owns and manages Myth Hawker Travelling Bookstore, which appears at conventions across Canada, selling books by Canadian small presses and independent authors. Recently, together with a few close friends, she co-launched a micro publishing house called ID Press; she is also the layout editor for Purgatorium, their first in a series of anthologies. To keep out of trouble, Pat also works full-time for a major telecommunications company as a senior business analyst. Above all, Pat’s favourite hat is likely an ordinary ball cap, which she is rarely seen without, since she doesn’t budget much time for proper hair styling.

Craft: Writer, Editor, Short Fiction Writer

Genre: Fantasy, SF, Horror, Weird Fiction, Dark Fiction, Crime Fiction, Historical Crime, Non-Fiction…

Helix: Blight of Exiles

Helix: Blight of ExilesPerfected by nature. Twisted by science. A miracle cure gone very, very wrong.
An abandoned forest resort should have been paradise for a creature like Ishmael. Isolated from civilization, so far removed from human eyes, Ishmael could have reveled in his true nature without threat of discovery.
But he had been abducted, drugged and marooned there without a word, sent into exile by the cryptic Wyrd Council. And he’s not alone.
In this unholy quarantine, Ishmael is just another mouth to feed.
And he’s no longer the apex predator.

Helix: Plague of Ghouls

Helix: Plague of GhoulsIshmael took something more dangerous than refugees out of that quarantine, but it’s nothing compared to what awaits outside.
Because of his crimes, his breach of quarantine, and his new and worrisome symptoms, Ishmael and his rescued Pack are pariahs among werewolves, loathed, and under constant suspicion.
And yet, when bodies turn up in small-town Ontario, the Wyrd Council splits up Ishmael’s Pack and sends him to investigate. He’s hurried away from the safety and isolation of Varco Lake, and thrust into an anxious, tightly-knit community full of surveillance cameras, cell phones, and bad memories.
Just when he grasps the enormity of the disaster waiting for him in Halo County, Ishmael realizes what’s in his blood, and where it really came from.