Free Workshop – Your Path to Creating a Page-Turner with Barbara Kyle


**This will be a FREE 30-minute workshop at Bookapalooza**

Your Path to Creating a Page-Turner with Barbara Kyle

“I couldn’t put it down!” That’s the happy response of anyone who has read a page-turner.

But what, exactly, makes a page-turner? What mysterious literary essence hooks a reader and holds them so hard they feel they just have to keep reading, often long into the night?

Internationally-acclaimed author Barbara Kyle, with book sales of over 500,000 copies, answers these questions in her workshop “Your Path to Creating a Page-Turner.”

“As a novelist, I’ve faced every challenge you face,” says Barbara. “If you’re wondering, what do publishers really want? I assure you that what they always want, whatever the book’s genre, is a page-turner.”

Whether you’re an emerging writer who wants to break in, or a published author who wants to produce a breakout book, you’ll learn tips for crafting the kind of novel that brings offers from publishers and delight to readers.

Page Turner

“Brings alive almost every tough issue a writer of fiction must confront . . . friendly and fun to read.” Al Zuckerman, founder of Writers House literary agency