Christian Laforet and Ben Van Dongen

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Craft: Writer, Publisher

Genre: Horror and Sci-Fi

The Space Between Houses

The Space Between HousesThere are unexplained noises outside that can wait until morning. There are phone numbers that should never be called. There are places where being rich and famous means a fate worse than death. There are shortcuts you’re better off avoiding, like the space between house… Walk the paths of madness, horror, and revenge in the debut collection from author Christian Laforet, featuring ten stories that prove it’s always easier to see the light when you are standing in the dark.

No Light Tomorrow

No Light TomorrowSome things are so accepted as to be taken for granted. While the far future is shrouded in uncertainty, there are expectations often considered assured that are overlooked. There is only one you, threats are usually empty, ghosts are not real, life is finite, science can solve the most daunting challenges, and beliefs are assured when society takes matters in their own hands. When unexpected events transpire, we are left in the dark.

Authors Christian Laforet and Ben Van Dongen present six science fiction stories that explore improbability and show you what happens when expectations are subverted.