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Bio: Brain Lag is a publisher of speculative fiction based in Milton, Ontario. Now with ten titles by five different authors, our novels and short stories run the gamut of fantasy and science fiction. For more information about our books, please visit our website.

Craft: Editor, Publisher

Genre: Fantasy, science fiction, comedy, post-apocalyptic, YA, light novel, science fantasy, short stories, retro

Tinker’s Sea by Stephen B. Pearl

Tinker's SeaOil reserves depleted. Society collapsed.
A few places cling to modern technology. For everywhere else, there are the Tinkers.
In southern Ontario, Novo Gaia uses sustainable energy to support its citizens in comfort. From there, Novo Gaia sends Doctors of Applied General Technology, tinkers, into the Dark Lands to install everything from solar stills to televisions—and make a profit.
After twenty years as an E.R. nurse, Tabitha “Tabby” Drivensky’s failing marriage sent her into the tinker program and the open waters of the Great Lakes. While fulfilling her Coast Guard service obligation, she rescues a boy named Andy Camble from a sinking ship.
Andy turns out to have vital information on Packer, a pirate captain who has been plaguing the Great Lakes for generations in an ancient, nuclear-powered submarine. Using Andy’s intelligence, Tabby sets out ostensibly to scout out a new aquatic tinker route along Lake Huron but secretly assigned by Novo Gaia to find and put an end to Packer once and for all.

Why I Hunt Flying Saucers And Other Fantasticals by Hugh A. D. Spencer

Why I Hunt Flying Saucers And Other FantasticalsHugh A. D. Spencer’s weird, wonderful, side-splitting short fiction has been delighting audiences for over 25 years. His stories have been published in a variety of magazines and anthologies and broadcast on National Public Radio satellite networks. Now collected together for the first time, Why I Hunt Flying Saucers And Other Fantasticals contains thirteen of his best-loved stories, along with all-new introductions by the author.
Malfunctioning household robots, an endless apocalyptic loop, potash-fuelled interstellar travel, and more—these stories stretch science fiction to its limit and bring it into our backyards at the same time.
Includes the Aurora Award-nominated story “Why I Hunt Flying Saucers”!
Foreword by Dr. John Colarusso, Professor of Linguistics, McMaster University

Stories in this collection

Why I Hunt Flying Saucers
Icarus Down/Bear Rising
The Triage Conference
The Robot Reality Check
Strategic Dog Patterning
The Z-Burger Simulations
Mormonism and the Saskatoon Space Programme
The Hospital for Sick Robots
Problem Project
A 21st Century Scientific Romance
When Bloomsbury Fails
(Coping With) Norm Deviation

Praise for the stories in this collection
“‘Why I Hunt Flying Saucers’ delivers a superb jolt of humour.” ~ Toronto Star
“[O]ne of the best, and most original, stories.” ~ Locus Magazine on “(Coping With) Norm Deviation”
“‘Problem Project’… is a whipsaw change in tone… A tight grin of a story, not quite a laugh, but lingering.” ~ Tangent
“Spencer has fun with quantum realities.” ~ Best SF on “Problem Project”
“‘Pornzilla’ was weird beyond belief.” ~ Best SF
Praise for Extreme Dentistry
“Spencer stacks it with so many odd elements that it all works. Well worth searching out.” ~ Toronto Star
“Extreme Dentistry is very funny and quite horrific.” ~ Amazing Stories
“A dark and mordantly funny satire.” ~ Armed and Dangerous
“Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy vibe.” ~ Read, Play, Review
Praise for the writing of Hugh A. D. Spencer
“Hugh’s work never fails to crack me up and make me think.” ~ Cory Doctorow, author of Little Brother and Homeland
“Lucid, lyrical, and savvy.” ~ Paul Levinson, author of Unburning Alexandria and The Silk Code
“If you like to laugh and cower at the same time—if you like science fiction that is simultaneously progressive and retro—then you need to read this… Like nothing I’ve ever read before. Highly recommended.” ~ Dale Sproule, author of Psychedelia Gothique

Green Light to Paradise by J. R. Dwornik

Green Light to ParadiseWhat do you call a group of super-powered people trying to save the world?
Not heroes, that’s for sure…
It’s been over 20 years since mysterious impact points opened up, bringing forth frightening creatures and infecting certain people with strange and terrible powers. Fortunately, normal people can rest easy thanks to Sentinel—a private security force equipped to handle threats both monstrous and human.
There’s just one problem: Kali, the daughter of Sentinel president Gregory Zakorra, is infected. Her ability has brought her nothing but bad luck and she has spent her life trying to hide it.
Then, a chance mistake pits her against the company she was set to inherit. Sentinel is up to something way off the business plan, but no one would move against humanity’s saviour. Looks like it’s up to Kali to become the villain the city needs.
What could go wrong?
With illustrations by four artists