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Bio: Andrew’s background is based in social sciences, psychology and business. After studying social work at Mount Royal College in Calgary Alberta (Mid 80’s) he embarked on a successful career as a facilitator, coach and teacher, leading courses in stress management and visualization techniques. Returning to Ontario in the mid 90′, Andrew focused his talents on establishing TriFocal Communications, a company that specialized in creating educational programs for patients and providing serves to the medical community. It was during his TriFocal years when his inspiration developed into The Will to Heal Technique. Andrew has spent the past 5 years writing. His first fictional novel (although he says its a true story) “Forever is the Soul” will be available in book form, as an e-book or as an audio book in early 2017.

The Will to Heal Technique – A Guided Workbook to Relieve Pain

The Will to Heal Technique – A Guided Workbook to Relieve PainThe Will to Heal Technique is a guided audio visual experience, fully illustrated with clear, accurate medical drawings.
Thought-provoking narration presented by the authors on the accompanying CD’s shows you how to take charge of your pain and offers you an effective way to control it.
The first part of the book teaches the listener how the mechanics of the brain and body produce what is called consciousness. With this understanding the listener is then able to apply the knowledge gained into the guided meditations presented so that they are able to effectively use their own conscious intent to will the pain gates in their nervous system to close. We have the ability to stop the transmission of pain as it travels from its source to the brain where pain is felt. The Will to Heal provides you with the knowledge required to take control of your pain rather than experiencing pain that controls you.

Activating Spiritual Consciousness – CD series

Activating Spiritual Consciousness is a series of guided meditations designed to help the listener understand the difference between thoughts filled with chatter and a heart that has opened and able to receive the clearer more defined feelings that come through the soul. Each track builds on the previous track with in turn create a more powerful perception of the self.
The series contains 3 CD, equalling 6 Guided Meditations.
CD1 Track 1 Centered Between the Left and the Right
CD1 Track 2 Before Your Birth
CD2 Track 1 Matters of the Heart
CD2 Track 2 Group Consciousness Rising
CD3 Track 1 Closing the Gap
CD3 Track 2 Connecting to a Higher Frequency